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Why Choose Brica?

  • High Tech Product
  • User Friendly
  • In the forefront of Innovations
  • Official Warranty
In the competitve field of Technological Industry, Brica arrived as a Brand that understand the needs of Indonesian consumer, by innovating products with new and cutting edge technology, high quality, and affordable. With many other brands giving technological edge but must be paid highly, Brica offer products with advanced technology and affordable to everyone. Brica also consistent in giving to the consumer and its partners, the best products and after-sales service, unlike other come-and-go companies and brands, thus making Brica to keep expanding and dominating the technological industry market share.

Function over Price
Brica believe that the high-tech quality products is not always expensive, and this is a key to our success in dedicating the high quality products at affordable prices to our customers.

Brica products in Indonesia
Brica first made its presence in Indonesia by selling analog cameras in back in 1995. Then in 2003 Brica begin to enter the digital era market and still going strong until now. In the period until now Brica has launched several masterpiece products, such as :

  • Brica 520 (World's smallest digital camera*), Launched in 2004
  • Brica LSN (World's first digital cameras with (IR) night vision feature**), launched in 2010
  • Brica DVS-1 (World's Slimmest Camcorder***), launched in 2012
  • Brica VIV-1 (World's First Camcorder that utilize Video in Video Technology****), launched in 2013
  • Brica B-PRO5 (WiFi Action Cam), launched in 2014
  • Brica AirShutter (Wireless DSLR Controller) launched in 2014
  • Brica AirStorage (Wireless Card Reader + WiFi Repeater) launched in 2014
* As of December 2004    ** As of May 2010    *** As of October 2012    **** As of March 2013

Brica Indonesia Milestone
  • 2003: PT. Artha Pamelar Putra is appointed as the sole distributor of Brica in Indonesia, with Brica DigiArt 330 as it's launch product
  • 2004: The launch of Brica 520 (World's smallest digital camera at that time)
  • 2006: We launch our first DV Camcorder, DV-80
  • 2007: We launch Brica i-90, a super macro digital camera with compact optical zoom
  • 2009: Mark our entry to Hi definition market with the launch of our first Hi definition camcorder the DV110HD and also DV120FHD
  • 2010: The launch for Brica LSN (World's first digital cameras with (IR) night vision feature)
  • 2010: Also mark the launch for our waterproof camera and camcorder the WP50 and WP100
  • 2011: We launch our first semi-pro camcorder model, DV-500Z
  • 2012: We launch Brica DVS-1 (Slimmest camcorder in the world at this time)
  • 2013: ENVIME Series camcorder launched with ViV-1 Pro and NV-1 Pro as flagship models
  • 2014: Brica ActionCam B-PRO5, Wireless DSLR Controller "AirShutter" and Wireless Card Reader "AirStorage" is launched.
  • 2015: Brica ActionCam B-PRO5 Alpha Edition our most advanced actioncam yet is launched.
  • 2018: Brica brand is re-branded as Brica

Authorized distributor:

PT. Harmoni Talenta Arthamedia
Your Trusted Partner in Business.
According to the company motto, we make sure and help our business partners to grow their business by providing good support, service, and after sales service.

Brica Events

As our appreciation to our business partners continuous support, we host events such as :
  • Bali 2009 Dealer's Achievement
  • China 2010 Dealer's Achievement
  • Beijing 2012 Dealer's Achievement

  • And we also participate in exhibition such as :
  • Jakarta Fair 2010
  • Jakarta Fair 2011
  • Jakarta Fair 2012

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